Learn How To Treat Your Melasma

Do you find yourself feeling self conscious about your appearance. Does melasma have you troubled? Well then read on because this website is devoted to melasma treatment.

Melasma is a common skin disorder that can be seen in both women and men around the world. While it is a universal condition that can be apparent in any ethnicity, it is most commonly seen in Asians, Hispanics, Arabs, and Africans due to the higher levels of melanin in their skin.

While some with fair skin may not recognize their condition as it is less noticeable, those with a tendency to tan will notice severe discoloration in the cheeks, nose, forehead and lips as well as the upper arms. This discoloration is caused by an increased production of melanin in the skin, which can be because of an individuals heredity, exposure to the sun, or use of oral contraceptives and prescription drugs.

The treatment of melasma has advanced significantly in the recent years. Sufferers now the options for chemical peel melasma treatment, skin lightening treatment, and laser treatment depending on the severity of their condition.

Chemical Peel Melasma Treatment Options

Melasma treatments using chemical peels will generally use acidic compounds to remove increased levels of melanin in the skin. In this type of remedy, a number of different acids can be used including: trichloroacetic, azelaic, glycolic, lactic and fruit extracts.

The stronger the chemical peeling agent is, the higher the rate of success to produce a noticeable difference in discoloration. While they have a higher success rate, they also carry heavier risks including scarring, peeling, or worsening of the discoloration.

Skin Lightening Creams

This skin lightening agent method of treating melasma commonly uses hydroquinone or natural lightening agents to lighten skin for a less noticeable difference is skin shade. One of the problems with hydroquinone lightening  is that it can cause the skin to look "ashy" in appearance with continued use and can also darken patches of skin. There are also other, more dangerous possible side effects. For this reason, concentrations of hydroquinone in excess of 2%, such as Tri-Luma, are only available through a prescription from your dermatologist.

There are over the counter alternatives to hydroquinone that do not have the possible side effects. One example of a over the counter treatment to get rid of melasma is SkinBright. SkinBright is recommended by health professionals, skin care specialists, and many people who have had success getting rid of their melasma. Our recent reader poll at Skin Care Fan ranked SkinBright most effective in reducing or removing melasma.

SkinBright is made from kojic acid, alpha arbutin, licorice, and other lightening agents and moisturizers. SkinBright is formulated for all skin types.Obagi Nu Derm and Shiseido are also are two other popular skin lightening creams.

It is strongly recommended that you use a strong sunscreen when using SkinBright, or any other skin lightener containing strong melanin inhibitors such kojic acid, alpha arbutin, or hydroquinone in order to have the best chances for success. It also requires dedication. There is no real quick fix for melasma without the high cost of laser treatment so, while some people may see results in a few short weeks, most melasma sufferers will require a few months, minimum, before seeing visible results from any cream, prescription or otherwise, however, in many cases these are melasma treatments that work.

Laser Melasma Treatment

Laser skin rejuvenation melasma treatment is the last resort for many individuals who have tried both chemical peels and skin lightening creams with no avail. Laser technologies used to treat melasma have advanced significantly in the recent years. Within this form of melasma treatment comes a choice of Fraxel Dual Laser Technology, Intense Pulsed Light, Q-switched laser, and topical medicines. The use of one or more of these has proven to be the most effective form of melasma treatment available. While laser application will not necessarily cure the condition, they will clear the condition with frequent treatment and medication.

Psychological Stress and melasma treatment

While melasma is known to be a condition that affects the coloration of one's skin, it has also been linked to cause severe depression and anxiety. With treatment, sufferers can experience the world with a new self-confidence that did not previously exist in their lives.

If you are suffering, educate yourself on the various melasma treatment options available and take a proactive step to living a happier and healthier life throughout the years.

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